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ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control

ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control
ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control
ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control
ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control
ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control
ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control
ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control

ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control

ATOTO P8 Portable 7'' QLED Display Car Radio, with HD 1080P Rear View Camera &. On-Dash Camera Input, Wireless Carplay & Wireless Android Auto, WDR & Auto Dimmer, AUX/FM Output. ATOTO's latest product P8 on-dash navigator is a portable navigation device that works hand in hand with your original head unit. It does not require much knowledge of car stereo/audio.

You open the package, and you can literally start using wireless CarPlay/Android Auto right away without spending your whole day trying to figure the wiring out or driving to the professional's and pay big bucks to get it done. Compatible with cars, trucks, RVs, pickups, etc. With 12v/24v cigarette lighter power supply. Wireless CarPlay, wireless Android Auto. Wired Android Auto; Bluetooth 5.0 for HFP/A2DP etc.

2.4G/5G Wi-Fi; Wireless CarPlay. Wireless CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 9.0 or higher.

Wired Android Auto is compatible with phones with Android 6.0 or higher. A Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, or Note 8, with Android 9.0. 2-in-1 Multifunctional HD Rear Camera. Supports HD1080P input, combines the functions of recording camera and reversing camera.

With a dedicated USB port on cigarette lighter. Super quick and easy installation. With the included sticking holder. Cigarette lighter (12v and 24v both supported).

Automatically adjusts screen brightness as the surrounding lighting changes from the sunlit road into a tunnel, etc. With a full 178° viewing angle, offering great view experience; The outstanding brightness of P8 offers great visibility even in broad daylight with no need of a hood over it.

FM Audio Output and Auxiliary Audio Output. To the head unit: AUX cable included, super easy to set up. One USB-C for camera input and media playback reads max. Only audio and picture files are supported; videos are not supported.

1 SD card slot max. For recording videos with the camera, not for media playback (SD card not included). Use a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable to connect this output to the auxiliary audio input on the head unit. For ATOTO ACEBRCR01 rear camera, comes with an extension cable.

IMPORTANT: P8 series are ONLY compatible with ATOTO ACEBFCR01 and ACEBRCR01 cameras. NOT COMPATIBLE with cameras of other brands or original vehicles.

Clearer & Wider Rear View with ACEBRCR01 Backup Cam. Here are four ways the ACEBRCR01 rearview camera can make your driving safer.

Eliminate blind spots (especially when changing lanes on the road). Keep children and pets safe (shows what's right behind your car in case you can't see your kids or pets when you're backing up).

Parking Helper (reversing guidelines pop up whenever you're in reverse gear, which is adjustable in the setting). Securing rear visibility during traffic jams (check rear view in real time).

P807SDEBRC offers rear recording camera with HD 1080P, 150° wide viewing angle, and Wide Dynamic Range (ATOTO ACEBRCR01 included). Wide-angle lens allows backup cam to capture the entire road scene, especially the vehicles on the extreme right or left of the road, bringing about the broad rear viewing perspective for driving. With WDR helps capturing important information such as license plate info clearly even in high beams, which can be used as evidence in a dispute. This also allows you to view the situation on the road clearly on P8 if you can't see directly because of strong lights.

Whenever the driver starts reversing, the camera screen automatically appears to show the rear view of the car. ACEBRCR01 reverse camera features on-screen lines called "Parking Guidelines" that are used as a guide to show the directional path of the car, further assisting the driver to reverse accurately. Provided that an SD card max. 128G is in the slot on P8. The loop time is adjustable.

By design, P8 is equipped with a. It makes sure to record and save the video even P8's power is abruptly cut off (in an accident). Of P8 is an important feature. It automatically locks videos as "Events" once it senses any unusual changes in gravity e. In case you think something is worth keeping e.

An accident on the road ahead. These videos will not be looped over. You can export them to an external device to save them permanantly, and also view them directly on P8. G-sensor allows the backup camera to detect unexpected movements in or around the vehicle.

This means that if you are involved in a collision, the ACEBRCR01 rear camera will automatically protect your files so that the camera will keep recording and prevent files from being overwritten even if your SD card runs out of space. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, the last thing you have to worry about is pressing a button or seeing if the recording is saved. 4 Steps to Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto. Step 1: Mount P8 to a suitable location. Step 2: Insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter (supports 12v and 24v). Step 3: Set up audio output to the head unit a.

FM output, set P8 and the head unit to the same FM frequency; b. Auxiliary output, with a 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary audio cable, included. Note: P8's mounting ball adapter is designed as standard size. It is compatible with most holders on the market such as gooseneck holders, beanbag holders etc.

With all of its features, P807SDEBRC actually comes with only one power cable. For you to have enough freedom to tuck and fix it, for which tools such as fixers, tapes, cords are also provided in the package. Your dashboard will look neat and clean!

The glue on the adhesive pad is specifically designed for P8's weight. The strong stickiness to make sure that it will support P8 in the long run with no problems.

Important: please make sure that the surface for mounting is flat and clean. Otherwise, the pad will not stick firmly. With a portable navigation device that sits on your dashboard like P8, you are spared the trouble of the whole process of replacing your head unit. However, there is a downside to this: you can't use the steering wheel controls to control it. But we have the solution for you: ACEB44F6 remote control.

With it, P8 is truly integrated into your vehicle as you can perform frequent tasks without ever having to take your hand off the steering wheel while driving. Wrapped around the steering wheel.

Stuck onto any convenient location. Mute/Entering and Exiting Rear View. Play/Pause/Entering and Exiting Front View. QLED Screen w/Automatic Brightness Adjustment. P8's ultra clear QLED screen offers fantastic color rendition.

Perfect viewing even in broad daylight! P8 is equipped with a built-in light sensor. It automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the lighting changes in the surroundings. For example, when you drive from the sunlit road into a tunnel or into the shades, you don't have to adjust the screen brightness manually to keep your eyes comfortable. P8 does it for you.

Easy Setup for Audio Output. FM Transmission Output: just set P8 and the head unit to the same FM frequency; the sound is top-notch FM transmission quality. Auxiliary Output: connect P8 and the head unit with a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable; this offers fantastic sound. P8 is also equipped with a built-in speaker.

ATOTO has designed a dedicated online system for P8 where you can provide your feedback concerning your user experience and update P8 when there is a new version of firmware available. Aotule Car Electronics, the precursor of ATOTO, was founded on 2008, and we have been manufacturing and distributing Car entertaiment & accessories for years. We focus on car electronics product, such as OEM and universal android car multimedia? From design to manufacture, we do our utmost to control every process and detail, to make our android car audio products much better and more reliable. What's more, All of our products pass CE and FCC standards from SGS. We believe that all-win is the basic for long-time business. Everybody in our company should be treated equally and respected fully. And we advocate optimistic attitude to life and work. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\In-Car Technology, GPS & Security\In-Car Entertainment\Car Stereos & Head Units".

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  • Brand: ATOTO
  • Unit Size: UNIVERSAL
  • Type: Car Mp5 Player
  • Features: Bluetooth Ready, HD Radio Ready, Memory Card Input, Remote Control, Steering Wheel Control, Touchscreen, USB Input, Audio Output, USB-C Port, Built-in Speaker, Built-in Light Sensor, Equalizer, Smartphone Charging, Built-in Gravity Sensor, Bluetooth, Built-in Equaliser, Hands Free Car Kit
  • Model: P807SDEBRC
  • Compatible Format: MP3, MP4, MP5
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Port: AUX, Memory Card, USB
  • Screen Size: 7 in
  • Color: Black

ATOTO 7in Portable Car Radio GPS Navi Head Unit with Rearview Cam & Remote Control